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How to look beautiful without makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup

Many of us are spending much of time infront of mirror  for make up and didnt get enough satisfaction with this much costly cosmetic products And the good news is that you don’t always need makeup to look beautiful. Find it hard to believe? Well, here I’m going to give you some simple tips on how to look beautiful without makeup.

Drinking water

The most important trick is to drink atleast 12 glass of water per day and it is  more useful and worthwhile for you more than any beauty product you are going to invest in.


Keep your skin mostuirzed and nourished.Make you fall in love in with your mositurizer.


Use a facewash that is suitable for your skin twice a day and try to avoid soap for cleansing your skin.


After cleansing and moisturizing do not forget to tone your skin because it will help you to tighten your skin and remove any traces of oil.


Use a shampoo thrice a week and apply conditioner after shampooing and always make sure that your hair looks fresh and clean always.


Regular exfoliation will ensure removal of dry and dead skin cells and thus provide a clean and glowing skin.

Apply sunscreen

Never ever forget to apply sunscreen 20minutes before you going out as it protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.If you want to keep your skin looking naturally beautiful and healthy, you have to use the sunscreen daily; there’s just no other option.

Follow these simple tips and beautiful skin will be yours….

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