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“Smart talk” tips for Indian women.

“Smart talk” tips for Indian women

Your voice and your way of talking, plays a large role in the  impression you make upon a person. Your speech patterns reveals, not only of your family,social and educational background, but also of your confidence levels. To a great extend these background factors  helps to have a deep and attractive voice, or a sweet and clear one, but even if you don’t, no need to worry guys,you can cultivate a very pleasant manner of speaking. Here are some tips to “smarten the way you speak” and stole everybody heart.

Tips to “smarten the way you speak” 


Pay attention to the pitch and volume of your voice.To get a clear idea of how you sound to others, record your own voice and  play it back. If you sound loud enough or shrill enough to give a bagpipe competition, consciously.


As long as your speech is crisp and clear without grammatical  mistake, then no need to worry too much about accents. If  however, your speech carries very strong local influences, you could easily be misunderstood, and so it definitely pays to soften a pronounced regional accent!
Infuse your voice with enthusiasm.Wash out bad language and sarcasm. It’s not impressive or funny to anybody other than you.


Work on your vocabulary.So that you need not have too search for words while speaking to others. Study a new word from the dictionary each day, You can also take the vocabulary tests in Readers Digest or buy a book on increasing your working vocabulary. This will take you at least a year but you will grow intellectually.


Pay attention to body language. Fidgeting, picking at your face and clothes, and crossing and uncrossing of your legs are some of the most common and obvious signs of nervousness. Consciously eliminate them from your behavior pattern.


Be nice to people always. Practicing kindness in the face of challenges is a sign of maturity, class and intelligence. Remember that you also have a lot to learn from other people. Being kind to them will allow you access to their lives and experience.


Simplify your way of talking.Talking about things that no one else can understand does not make you smart. Genius is the ability to translate the complex into the simple. Practice explaining concepts to others. See just how simple and clear you can make your explanations. If someone doesn’t understand you, it is not their fault for being ignorant, it is your fault for being inarticulate.


Last but the most important tip

Listen to others carefully.Listening is a skill. Unfortunately, we are far better talkers than we are listeners. But you can’t be a good speaker without being a good listener.

So always speak up and do it with expression.


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